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Garden Supplies

We carry all the supplies to support your gardening needs and goals. From seeds, grower pots and propagation supplies to soils, fertilizers, lawn care necessities, watering products, and hand tools. We also carry products to help when you are challenged with pests or plant diseases.

Garden supplies we carry include:

  • Vegetable, flower, and herb seeds

  • Sprouting seeds and supplies

  • Seed starting and propagation supplies

  • Lawn care products

  • Growing lights

  • Garden soils (bulk and bagged)

  • Potting soils (bulk and bagged)

  • Soil testing supplies and kits

  • Fertilizers and other soil amendments

  • Accessories including netting, stakes, labels, and supports

  • Hand tools and pruners

  • Gloves and other gardening attire

  • Pest control products

  • Watering supplies

  • Bird & hummingbird supplies

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