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Plants For Your Home

We have an extensive selection of houseplants in an array of types, colours, sizes, and forms. Many of the plants in our atrium are Bylands-grown, so they are fresh and beautiful, as well as ‘ultra-local’. From large accent trees, to hanging baskets, to tropical plants, and succulents and cacti we have many to choose from year-round. If you are looking for the next on trend plant to add to your collection, are a first-time plant owner, or are looking for a plant with specific lighting conditions, we always have a plant that you will love.

Categories of plants we carry include:

  • Tropical houseplants

  • Hanging plants

  • Cacti

  • Succulents

  • Tropical flowering plants

  • Potted houseplant arrangements

  • Tree and bush form houseplants

  • Carnivorous plants

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